Thank you for your interest in Scrap-n-Country! I look forward to creating a lifetime memory for you or your loved one. Please complete the form below and I will get in touch by phone or email and we can talk. I will want to…

  • Hear about what kind of scrapbook you’re looking for
  • Answer your questions about me
  • Share similar scrapbooks I’ve made
  • Review pricing and our schedules

Some Things You May Do To Get Started

  • Provide any and all scrapbooking supplies that you have purchased and they will be used first in creating your custom album. This is cost effective and efficient AND you already like the stuff!
  • Name color, font, and theme preferences to be used on your pages
  • Provide journaling to be included on particular pages (Scrap-n-Country can provide acid free pen and paper for your use.)
  • Consult with me in person, by phone, or via email at no charge
  • Leave it all up to me and be pleasantly surprised.

You may also call me directly at (614) 288-9372.

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