SNC Celebrates 4th Birthday! August 2012


Happy birthday to you.​ Happy birthday to you. ​Happy FOURTH birthday, dear SNC. ​Happy birthday to you.

AND many more!!!

Our family grew this year!  Meet Fes, Bud, and Gus — our family pets and Scrap-n-Country’s mascots!  We were blessed last fall when these fellows needed a home and SNC was able to welcome them.  We love these alpacas; they’ve opened our hearts and welcomed our scrapping guests…except for Darla who they terrified! (Oops, sorry friend.)

Scrap-n-Country has grown in other ways too!  From August 2011 to August 2012, we’ve had 34 crops, 3 retreats, and created 7 custom scrapbooks!  We even have a new sign.  It has been a growing, exciting year!

Grateful thanks goes to Kim for the time and effort he spends supporting Scrap-n-Country’s home and visitors. He is invaluable to our 1920’s farmhouse, our acres, our critters, our guests, and our family.  He is loved and appreciated.



Meet Noreen

D. Noreen DemasMission:

To document lives and preserve memories using the art of scrapbooking. To create cherished books and calendars for friends, family, and new customers! To provide the space, equipment, basic supplies, inspiration and exposure to techniques so scrappers can relax, be inspired, spread out, and create pages of their own.

The Scrap-n-Country Dream as of Fall 2008:

My passion for scrapbooking has been "out of control" since the summer of 2000 when I attended a Creative Memories party at my friend Regina's. I have daydreamed for 8 years about Scrap-n-Country – creating scrapbooks for others and providing an ideal place for scrapbookers to relax, spread out, and create. Some of my favorite products will be available online until a real storefront becomes a reality!

Now I am the proud owner of Scrap-n-Country®, a company with a registered name, a Delivery Vendor's License, an Ohio Tax Id, a Federal EIN, and an agreement with a scrapbook adhesive vendor to purchase their supplies wholesale! This website is real, too. Someday Scrap-n-Country will advertise in the industry magazines! How about scrapbooking a billboard along the rolling countryside highway? For now, will you please share your ideas and daydreams with me? Let's gather all of our thoughts and wishes for the perfect scrapbooking experience.

The costs of our scrapbooking passion are high. I'd like to make it easier for each of us. The plan is to offer a few of my favorite products at  good prices and continue to support Local Scrapbook Stores (LSS) for special papers and embellishments. 

My scrapbooking experience:

Since August 2000 when I started scrapbooking, I have made over 100 scrapbooks and received 6 blue ribbons from the Ohio State Fair as well as a Best of Show rosette. I am also a member of the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).