SNC Celebrates 4th Birthday! August 2012

Happy birthday to you.​ Happy birthday to you. ​Happy FOURTH birthday, dear SNC. ​Happy birthday to you.

AND many more!!!

Our family grew this year!  Meet Fes, Bud, and Gus — our family pets and Scrap-n-Country’s mascots!  We were blessed last fall when these fellows needed a home and SNC was able to welcome them.  We love these alpacas; they’ve opened our hearts and welcomed our scrapping guests…except for Darla who they terrified! (Oops, sorry friend.)

Scrap-n-Country has grown in other ways too!  From August 2011 to August 2012, we’ve had 34 crops, 3 retreats, and created 7 custom scrapbooks!  We even have a new sign.  It has been a growing, exciting year!

Grateful thanks goes to Kim for the time and effort he spends supporting Scrap-n-Country’s home and visitors. He is invaluable to our 1920’s farmhouse, our acres, our critters, our guests, and our family.  He is loved and appreciated.