Everyone has stories to tell, traditions to record, memories to share, a heritage to preserve and a legacy to prepare. We often have boxes and discs of photographs we'd love to have safely preserved and beautifully displayed. What keeps us from these treasures? Usually it is time or the question of where to start.

I am an experienced, passionate scrapbooker. Let me build a book for you or a loved one that will be appreciated for generations to come! My projects include scrapbooks, hard back books, framed scrapbook art, "just add photo" albums, "scrapbooked" calendars and photo weights. All of our products are archival quality, which means they are acid-free and will not cause photos to yellow or mildew as they age. Memorabilia such as ticket stubs, gift cards, or newspaper clippings can be safely added to your scrapbook pages along with the pictures and journaling.

I work conscientiously and offer friendly pricing. Please contact me to discuss your project today. You will be pleased with the scrapbook, yourself, and Scrap-n-Country.


  1. Decide on a theme for your scrapbook.
  2. Gather your photos and memorabilia. I accept originals, negatives, slides, or digital files. Originals can be used or scanned and printed as long as you are comfortable leaving them with me. I will protect your images as my own: no food or beverages near them and they are not left out in direct light.
  3. Select your album's look. Get the name, size, and color of an album cover from the shopping cart (or provide one and make note of the page size).
  4. Identify your materials. Make typed or clearly written notes so names of people and places are spelled correctly and dates are accurate. These can be notes on an index page, on post its, on the backs of the photos, etc. (Anything that is not clear will either be discussed, or a space will be left for you to fill in the data.)
  5. Add stories. Write or type any stories (we call it journaling) that you'd like added to the pages. Your handwriting is always a welcome personal touch. Blank journaling blocks can be left on each page if you would like to journal after the page is assembled. Journaling needs to be on acid free paper with acid free ink which I will be happy to provide for hand written notes/stories. Typing can be emailed and those stories will be printed safely – and sometimes in color.
  6. Add other details. Include any favorite quotations, song lyrics, poems, or things people said. These make great additions to scrapbook pages.
  7. Send me the materials. Items to scrap have come to me in notebooks with like-pictures grouped inside page protectors, or a big box full of memorabilia and developed pictures still in their store envelopes. My sister sends travel pictures on CDs with an index print that is labeled with names, places, and activities. All of these delivery methods work. You can also provide any scrapbooking supplies that you have purchased. This is cost effective, efficient, and you already like the stuff!
  8. Schedule our project meeting. Call or email to express your interest and we will arrange a meeting or a conference call to plan the project. There is no charge for our conference time.

What about my memorabilia? Any memorabilia you want included such as ticket stubs, gift cards, or newspaper clippings, will be scanned, edited, and printed – or treated with Archival Mist, placed in clear protective sleeves/envelopes/boxes, and/or arranged so they will not touch the photographs.

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